Pastor Maldonado, Battering Ram

Pastor Maldonado did himself no favors this past weekend at Valencia when he smashed into Lewis Hamilton on the last lap of the race.  The stewards have deemed that he is at fault for that collision and has been given a grid penalty for Silverstone.

Besides his unexpected win in Spain a month ago, Maldonado has not done much to make friends in the paddock.  His defense of his position is extremely aggressive, often either intentionally waiting until the last moment to move or not noticing.  He squeezes drivers mercilessly and has no qualms if the battle should come to contact.

Maldonado arrived on the F1 scene at the behest of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez who is paying Williams an estimated $30 million to have his driver and the state oil company on the car.  Thus far, however, Maldonado’s aggressive style has landed him with the stewards or in the pits in need of a new front wing.  One would have thought his win in Spain would have matured the Venezuelan but that does not seem to be the case as proven by his incident with Hamilton in Valencia.

All that being said, he has left his illustrious team mate, the other Senna, in the relative dust.  It is hard to tell, however, if either team mate is ever getting the most out of the Williams.  One gets the impression that when the money dries up, so will Maldonado’s career.

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