Baseless speculation

I’d like to start a new running series of articles where I predict the top stories for the coming GP before anyone turns a wheel in FP1.  It is as the title suggests, completely baseless speculation.  More interesting, however, will be to compare my guesses to what actually happens.  I will probably be very wrong.

I see Vettel or Webber winning after a rain soaked FP1 and 2 makes race set ups impossible to achieve.

I see Massa and Button doing particularly terribly for the lack of set up time in FP1 and 2 (again due to rain).  Maybe they do not make it to Q3, no points scored for either of them.

I see Alonso in the points, probably higher than fifth.

I see Schumacher beating up on his team mate, maybe a podium?

I see both Lotus cars below the top 5 (lack of ambient temperature)

I see Sauber and Williams doing particularly well (as long as Maldonado doesn’t wreck)

I see myself getting all of these predictions wrong come Sunday.

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