Lotus in 3rd in the Constructors

In yesterday’s post on Romain Grosjean, I mentioned how Lotus had moved into third in the constructor’s standings.  This probably comes as a surprise to most seeing as the team has yet to win a race.  Below I have put the constructor standings list.

  1. Red Bull – 216
  2. Ferrari – 152
  3. Lotus – 144
  4. McLaren – 142
  5. Mercedes – 98
  6. Sauber – 60
  7. Williams – 47
  8. Force India – 44
  9. Toro Rosso – 6
  10. Caterham – 0
  11. Marussia – 0
  12. HRT – 0

This change in positions reflects McLaren’s lack of development success and greater consistency from Lotus (Romain Grosjean is finishing more consistently).  McLaren is in real trouble.  Lotus upgrades have been very consistent (the team has not lost any ground to Red Bull) and there is no great deficiency operationally.  A 2 point gap is nothing, but should McLaren’s woes continue they may find themselves in a lonely fourth between Mercedes and Lotus and nowhere compared to their former rivals of Ferrari and Red Bull.

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