German GP in jeopardy

More grumblings today released by Top Gear that the state owned company that runs the Nurburgring might file for bankruptcy.

The Nurburgring, encompassing the GP circuit, an amusement park, and the world famous Nordschleife, has faced on and off financial difficulties for some years now after mismanagement and poor financial planning.  It is uncertain what would happen should the track default, though closing the track seems unlikely.

The Nordshleife, otherwise known as the “Green Hell” has played host to numerous grands prix before being removed from the calendar for safety reasons.  Since then, the track has played host to all sorts of racing, most notably the 24 Hours of the Nurburgring.  When not being used for sanctioned competition, the track becomes a public road that has become a mecca for car enthusiasts.

The track’s profile was on the up after its existence as a performance car benchmark became more and more popular.  Leading car manufacturers, starting with the Nissan GTR but soon followed by Ferrari, Pagani and Corvette all headed to the ‘Ring to prove their worth and then exclaim their car’s lap time as an “unofficial record” (the Nurburgring kept no official records).  See all those laps here

Its unlikely that the track would completely close, due to its high profile and branding value, but nevertheless, its fate remains uncertain.

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