Daily Summary, 8/6

In today’s summary, we see teams either enjoying their first day of summer break or only a week away from returning to their factories.

Autosport is quoting Lotus as believing that they will be much stronger in the second half of the season.  I don’t really see that as possible as they are only a point out of second place in the constructors and Kimi Raikkonen is certainly in the hunt for the driver’s championship.


F1fanatic.co.uk is featuring an article that describes some very unique tunnels on the Red Bull (perfectly legal, so far) that had been giving the team a hard time until now.


F1sa.com is reporting that when HRT director, Perez Sala came onboard he found the team to be a total wreck without development, accountability or a central base.  This is a stinging indictment of former HRT director Collin Kolles who left the team last year.  Though the team remains at the back, Sala is hopeful of steady progress.


Professional F1 bloggers are in the middle of their mid season summaries or on break themselves.

James Allen is releasing his mid season report and also has some quotes from Sauber, attributing driver maturity to higher levels of success.  Find both at


Joe Saward is on break and BBC F1 is also slowing production for the summer break.


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