Daily Summary 8/7

Today we see a lot of news stemming from an interview Monisha Kaltenborn gave to the official F1 website.  See the full Q and A here:


In it, Monisha, CEO of Sauber and the presumptive head of the team once Peter Sauber retires (should be happening soon) talks all things Sauber including the driver line up, the state of the next Concorde Agreement, and the goal of 5th in the constructor’s standings this year (where Mercedes currently resides).

Ross Brawn of Mercedes has also given a Q and A to formula1.com.  See the whole thing here:


He discusses all things Mercedes including Mercedes relative lack of performance since China.  He also discusses Schumacher’s terrible luck as well as their goals for the second half of the season.

Autosport has reported that Sauber remain committed to Ferrari as their engine supplier, though the financial situation will be the ultimate decider.


Autosport is also reporting that Mark Webber has cited his legacy as a source of his continued motivation.


Finally, Autosport is reporting that Daniel Ricciardo is confident of a contract extension with the Toro Rosso team despite the team’s lack of performance this year.  Many put that down to the completely new driver line up, though neither driver has impressed at the same level as Sebastian Vettel did when he was on the same team in 2008 (albeit in very different circumstances).


The last notable story of the day hails from F1sa.com who reports that Chris Dyer, formerly of Ferrari is considering a return to F1 with Force India.  Chris Dyer is a somewhat infamous name.  It was his calamitous strategy call at Abu Dhabi that cost Fernando Alonso a championship two years ago.

Full article here

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