Daily Update 8/15

It has been a busy day in the world of F1 media.  Lets jump right in.

Lewis Hamilton has admitted that a more settled private life has helped his 2012 title bid.  As most F1 viewers will know, 2011 was an absolutely horrible year for Hamilton.  A lot of those struggles seemed to have their root in his fraught relationship with Nicole Scherzinger.  This year has seen Hamilton be far more consistent and measured in his drives.

Read the full story here.

Also in Lewis Hamilton news, McLaren insist that they are getting closer and closer to a deal with the driver.  Hamilton’s contract story is probably one of the most important stories of the 2012 season.  While nearly everyone agrees that Hamilton will stay with McLaren, lack of performance from the team and other disagreements, such as who keeps the trophies earned, mean that the driver may make a sensational move to Mercedes or another team.

Read the full story here.

And, in the most interesting story of the day is found in Autosport.  They have done a qualifying analysis and found, despite early season sensationalism, that qualifying is a very important indicator of race performance.  In fact, pole and front row qualifying is just as important this season as it was in previous seasons.

The importance of this analysis cannot be overstated.  Recall at the beginning of the year that commentators of all types were screaming about a lottery season, that engineering had nothing to do with race performance, etc. etc. etc.  What this analysis proves, however, is that the championship standings and even individual race performance have not been as dramatically affected as it would seem.  The best car and best driver are still at the pointy end of the championship standings.

Read the full story here.

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