Daily Update 8/16

Two weeks away from the Belgium GP and from a news perspective, the race could not come soon enough.  Today Ferrari made it clear that their decision on Felipe Massa will not take place until after the season is over.  The Brazilian’s struggles are well documented, though there have been signs of improvement at a couple of races.  While there is no doubt that Massa needs to improve his performance, replacing him would be more difficult.

Mark Webber confirmed that he did have talks with Ferrari but ultimately resigned with Red Bull.  The remaining driver market is, surprisingly, thin.  Sergio Perez, member of the Ferrari Driver Academy, is seen as too inexperienced and unrefined, a thought confirmed when one looks at the number of retirements he has suffered.

Further complicating matters is the potential arrival of Sebastian Vettel in 2014.  If Vettel is on his way, it may make sense to keep Massa to hold the spot.  If not, than someone like Kimi Raikkonen or – hush – Michael Schumacher makes more sense.

Full story here

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