Daily Update 8/22

In today’s news a trifecta of tidbits from various team principles.

First to Ross Brawn, who has claimed that F1 needs to be less random come the second half of the season.  Frankly, I think Ross needs to get his facts straight.  As I have pointed out repeatedly, despite the surprising number of winners in the first seven races (7 as I recall) when we get down to it, the fast teams with fast drivers are at the top of both the driver’s and constructor’s standings.  That is not random, that is hard work and superior resources and ability rising to the top, as it always does.

I see Ross’ statements from a slightly different light.  I see Mercedes as a team that is absolutely nowhere in their third season of F1.  I see a possibility that Ross Brawn is trying to evade some responsibility when it comes to his team’s results.  Remember, it was Mercedes that was all upset about the tires and it is Mercedes now complaining about lottery when it is clearly no longer the case.

In fact, when you look back on those seven winners in seven races, only two results now look like flukes.  That is Nico Rosberg winning in China and Pastor Maldonado winning in Spain.  Funny thing is, though, I can see Pastor winning in Spain.  He started from pole and never really had anything to run into.  There has never been a doubt about his speed, just his propensity to treat other cars as bumpers in a pinball machine.

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The second bit of news is that Martin Whitmarsh has hinted that McLaren and Lewis Hamilton may not make a deal until much later in the season.  It had been previously thought in many quarters including this one that the deal would be struck by the Belgium GP but that may no longer be the case.  Besides the natural length of contract negotiations, Lewis may still be weighing his options in relation to Mercedes.  As all the other top team driver line ups are pretty much set, Mercedes is the only possibility should Lewis jump ship.  That of course assumes that Schumacher will retire for good at the end of this year, something that is not certain and not going to be decided until closer to October.

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Finally, Helmut Marko of Red Bull, has revealed that he believes the Sauber challenger to be the fastest car on the grid, an assertion backed up by Jenson Button and others.  It has been widely agreed that Sauber in particular have been held back this year by a subpar driver line up.  Jenson Button in particular seems to believe that the suspension settings in the Sauber are responsible for Sergio Perez’s “tire whispering” abilities, not Perez himself.

Read the full story here

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