Daily Update 8/24 – Spa secures its future on the F1 calendar

In today’s update, some great news from Belgium, France and the title contenders.

First though to Belgium where Spa has announced that they will step in to help ticket holders who lost their tickets to a company that defaulted on their obligations.  Spa has graciously decided to provide tickets to nearly 6,000 fans who were affected by the Dutch company’s collapse.  A truly classy move in my opinion.

Read the full story here

Spa’s generosity, however, may be rooted in some truly fantastic news.  Spa has secured the Belgian GP for the coming three years, until 2015.  While the track had been looking to alternate with another European race, plans for that fell through.  Neither Bernie Ecclestone nor Spa is releasing the financial details of the deal.

Read the full story here

In news from France, Magny Cours has revealed that some F1 teams will head to their track for the young driver’s test on the back of the race at Monza.  I say some because as of now and as reported by Autosport, only Ferrari, Force India and Mercedes have signed up to test there.  The French circuit hopes that this test will aid their GP chances at a future date.  Magny Cours did host the French GP but was dropped because the track is in the middle of nowhere.

Read the full story here

Finally, both Kimi Raikkonen and Lewis Hamilton have spoken out about their title chances.  Both drivers have emphasized consistency and strong performances as key.  Kimi Raikkonen will be under particular scrutiny early on as Lotus may or may not run a “double DRS” concept that is different from Mercedes’ version but generates a similar boost in straight line speed.  This should prove in good stead at the high speed tracks at Spa and Monza.  That and Kimi Raikkonen has never finished a race at Spa and not stood atop the top step (he crashed or retired out in all of his other attempts).

Stories are available at Autosport

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