Daily Update 8/27

With only five days to go until FP1 at Spa, we are getting back into the normal swing of F1 the week before a race.  F1.com is running their standard preview quotes, Pirelli is talking about their tire choices and people seem to be full of anticipation for how this fantastic season will close.

Those preview quotes can be found here

In other news, Kimi Raikkonen has said that he will go back to rallying “for fun” after he retires once more from F1.  The Finn had previously tried to partake in his home rally, Rally Finnland, but Lotus blocked the move, probably recalling Robert Kubica’s accident whose return to F1 is still uncertain.

Read the full story here

Speaking of Robert Kubica, apparently the former F1 driver took part in a test in France with a rally car.  There is no word if the test was successful or not, or even what would indicate success.  Robert’s horror crash early last year has put a very sizable dent in the career of a man many regarded as one of the top drivers in the world, though he only had one win to his name.

Read the full story here

Pirelli has said that Spa may offer a dramatic, pedal to the metal pace, similar to the races we saw in the Bridgestone era.  Pirelli believe that their tire allocation for the fabled track, the hard and medium, should provide plenty of durability for teams to push their cars to maximum pace.

Read the full story here

Finally, Motorsport.com has released some older footage of a documentary that Red Bull did with their reigning champion Sebastian Vettel.  It is in two parts and is a must see for any fan.

See it here

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