Daily Update 8/29

With the cars on their way to Spa, the F1 paddock and news media is coming back to life.  Lets start at the back of the grid.

Marussia has announced that beginning next year, 2013, they will begin running an old Williams KERS unit.  This is direct from Pat Symonds, Marussia’s technical consultant.  This would leave HRT as the only team on the grid without KERS in 2013.

Read the whole interview on the F1.com site here.

Teams across the grid are also releasing their Belgium GP preview quotes.  It seems that the bookies are putting favorites on Hamilton to win, but I am not so sure.  See, I think Lotus are going to be a major force in both qualifying and the race for a couple of reasons.

  1. Kimi Raikkonen has either won or not finished in every race he has taken part in at Spa
  2. Lotus will be debuting a Double DRS concept that should give them significant straight line performance, vital at Spa
  3. Qualifying performances from the team have only improved with Grosjean 2nd on the grid in Hungary.

Seems to me like Belgium and Italy are going to be Lotus’ race to lose.

Read the preview quotes here

Read about the bookies here

Finally, the planned race in NJ has released a very interesting piece describing the difficulties of organizing an F1 race, particularly when you are not using a purpose built facility like the one in Austin.

Read it here

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