Daily Update 9/25

I know its the first one of these in a while, but today’s developments fit the format for this type of post too well.  A lot of disparate things to talk about, each of which important in their own right.

Lets start with post Singapore updates.

There have been noises from Ferrari on two fronts.  The first is that Alonso deserves a car worthy of his spectacular performance this season.  Alonso has said that Ferrari cannot become complacent and must continue developing in such a way that will minimize the car’s weaknesses at stop start circuits such as Singapore, Abu Dhabi or Korea.

Full story here

Ferrari has also said that there is no deadline on the Felipe Massa decision.  Hamilton’s own contract issues have in some ways shadowed the issues of the diminutive Brazilian.  Not only that, Massa’s performances have also taken some of the edge off.

Read the full story here

Moving down the standings, Lotus has announced that a major update will be coming to Korea that will put Kimi Raikkonen firmly back into the hunt.  Raikkonen’s lack of pace was one of the more disappointing parts of Singapore.  Between now and Korea, Lotus will be bringing their Device to Japan.

Read the full story here

Finally, and somewhat depressingly, the planned race in NJ is in doubt.  Bernie has stated that the existing contract for the event is void due to deadlines being missed and the like. He has not ruled out the race, saying that there is a meeting soon that the organizers could pitch to, but seemed to suggest that finances (surprise surprise) are the limiting factor.  This was a race I was very much looking forward to, living only 30 miles away from the track.  Nothing to do but wait and see.

Read the full story here


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