Catch up time

Jeez, take a couple of days off and the whole F1 world blows up.

Lets jump right in and start with Korea.  It was boring.  Sorry, it just was.  Some great close action between Grosjean (who managed to not wreck) and Hulkenberg.  Some great passes and all that.

Frankly, though, I think it is the track.  It is just such an oddity.  It is sitting in the middle of no where, it has no history, the place is smoggy and therefore the image sucks.  And yet the walls are close and the track confined looking.  It is just not a pretty place to look at.

To me, that can be said about all of Tilke’s tracks.  They may be technically sound, but they are just not very nice places.  Think of the list.  Hungaroring, Hockenheim, Korea, India, Valencia, etc. etc.  Something about the colors and the surroundings and the track, its just not very nice.

But, nevertheless, there was a race, and Sebastian Vettel won.  The car is on top form and frankly, Alonso is in a bad spot.

And lets admit it, Alonso should win the championship this year.  His year has been far more impressive and inspiring.  Vettel, on the other hand, has a better team supporting him, a team that has overcome adversity at the start of the year and produced a very nice racecar that will most likely take the young German to his third consecutive title.

But, as Jackie Stewart says, Vettel is not great yet.  He is not great because he has not done the exact thing that Alonso has done so well all year.  He has not taken a subpar car to places it had no right to be.  He has taken a middling car and put it on top, but we have never seen inspired performances from Vettel, just the ability to execute at the highest level at the right moment (no small feat, just not as great a feat as Alonso).

Vettel now leads by six points and Raikkonen is well and truly out of title contention, though it seems that the flying Finn will be back at Lotus next year alongside Grosjean.

Speaking of drivers, Felipe Massa is back at Ferrari for all of 2013 and it is an open secret that Sauber will field Hulkenberg and their reserve driver Esteban Guitierez (whose name I have yet to learn how to spell).  The former is for his proven speed and the latter to satisfy the Mexican sponsors who will stay with the team after Perez’s departure.

NBC has also secured broadcast rights for F1 from 2013 onwards.

Analysis and further discussion forthcoming.

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