Indian GP Preview

Tomorrow the engines of F1 will crackle and pop back to life at the Indian GP.  Below are some of the stories I will be keeping an eye on.

Sergio Perez is ill.  Not terminally, just sick enough for Sauber to issue a statement to that effect and name Esteban Gutierrez as their contingency.  Esteban, you may recall, is tipped to replace Perez alongside Hulkenberg (who is mute on a deal with Sauber that is taking longer than I expected to be announced).  Nothing major here, though, several drivers have had stomach issues in Asia over the years, most famously Mark Webber in Japan (I really don’t want to go into more detail than I need to on this one, if you want it, google is at your disposal).

Drivers are making typical end of season noises, you know, the kind about not backing down (Alonso), continuing to maintain an aggressive approach (Vettel), I swear I am really not in the title chase (Raikkonen) and, most amusingly, I am not getting out of his way (is anyone surprised that this is Mark Webber?).

Ferrari still seem to be having trouble with their wind tunnel.  It is no secret that Ferrari have had a horrid season (saved only by Alonso) but still the Italian team cannot get their wind tunnel data to match up with on track performance.  Add it up and the last few updates have not worked as Ferrari expected.  So the team headed to America for some sophistication (I mean that seriously) and have started using windtunnels based in the US of A.

Bring on India!

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