Hello speedfreaks, petrolheads, tifosi, my name is Jeff Grossbard.  Like you, I prefer the soundtrack of straight exhausts to opera, the smell of tire smoke to aftershave and the sight of a red Ferrari to a red dress (well, that depends).  Like you, I can quote all of Le Mans (not as hard as it seems) dream of Bullitt wish I was Senna.  But I’m not.  But I refuse to just wait around for my chance to slip on the overalls.  So instead, I write.  I write to express the passion and explain the complexity that surrounds F1.  I write because writing helps me extend the length of the race because…

“anything that happens before or after is just waiting.”

If I am successful in my aims, I would love to hear about it.  Comment on my posts.  Tell me what you like, what you want more of and how awesome my writing is.  Or tell me that I suck, and tell me why, and tell me how to get better, or just tell me that its awesome.  There’s a form below, fill it out and share.



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